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February 12, 2006
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Megadeth_Vic contest entery by DigiAvalon Megadeth_Vic contest entery by DigiAvalon
+++++++++++++++++++FULL VIEW!!!!!!!!!!++++++++++++++++++++

Detailed shots and varations


DONE! This took forever to do >< Half the people on my watch list are probably flipping out wondering what happened to my art...

MY IDEA for Vic:
Ok when I first read about the contest my impression was that they wanted something new but keeping some of the old characteristics of the mascot so it would still be recognizable. I have to say I was really surprised with all the head drawings and people changing the original design slightly, I thought there would be more people straying from the design. Maybe I assumed wrong but I stick by my idea anyway ^_^
I wanted to kind of keep the old design like I said but kind of modernize it slightly, seeming how in the new 2000’s it seems "shiny and technology" is the general idea now a days and it was also slightly different from the old rustic idea of the original mascot.
Basically I turned Vic Rattelhead into a skeletal and metal guitar! I thought it'd be a cool twist on the old character and really incorporate the music side of things. I used the torso and spin as my body of the guitar and big metallic horns attached to the headpiece "which I tried to work into one solid object as appose to sprat pieces" onto the head to make the head of the guitar. I then used a test tub like design to have blood poor down from the top, over the skull though the rib cadge and collecting in a puddle to create the stings of the guitar. I wanted the blood and tubes to really make your eyes go though the image. Also I wanted that red to be the dominant color in the image, so I added a slight glow, so the blood would be intense but not super fake, yet not totally realistic. Then to really add that demonic effect and finish off my composition a wanted to do the big demon wings which I am very happy with!
I tried to keep the metal that was used in the skull to now follow though the spin itself becoming more of a part of the body " kind of like the original metal grew and evolved to take over more of Vic" Finally I downloaded the Megadeth font “from there site ^^”, and colored it in to match my design. I really felt that I wanted this design to be able to incorporate the logo because most people like there logos as part of the image, though I am aware if they used this image they may want there original logo design, I've made sure the logo is removable, and the image also works without it.
Next I didn't want a full black background, so I tried to make something slightly off not to take away from the image but to still look more then just black, but again I made the image so it would really work for any background.
Anyways ya that was my general idea to do something new, that incorporated a lot of ideas I saw in the old image but to stand apart from it enough while still being recognizable. I hope my description isn't too complicated, there’s a lot there to take in and its hard writing down my thought process. If you don’t understand ask ^^

ok so ya... people are probably like, "hey this isn't anime/fantasy" nope funny I can draw lots of other stuff too...I just like my own style for most of my personal pics but I like to be able to draw whatever I want, I think this will really stand out in my gallery, at lest I hope it will. Anyways this took pretty much the whole time since the contest info was out a few weeks ago. I sketched the image in my sketchbook then scanned it into Photoshop. It was really big like 45x45inchs 300dpi o.OI wanted to make sure it was usable for lotsa stuff if they liked it ^^
And before anyone asks, "did you use references?" the answer is YES that’s what all my anatomy books are for! However keep in mind looking at images of skulls to get the anatomy right and tracings/coping are two different things. When I used refs its to understand something I do NOT copy and I did not copy anything in this image for an assisting image, in fact most of the bones are slightly stylized and not totally correct because of how I wanted to shape and stylized the image :nod: so ya I used books to better help understand what I wanted to draw but did not draw anything from the books…hope that makes sence I hate copiers >.>
Oh my this is getting long for those who read this all...I love you o.O your comments, cc and favs, hell and support I get with this image is loved :heart: I worked super hard on this so give me your feedback!
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ElectricCircuslover Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2009
This is great. This is fantastic!
aerocrue13 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2008  Student General Artist
this is SO awesome! rock on man!!!!!!!!
shirone Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2006
very good stuff! Megadeth is my favorite band
yamikuroi Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2006
This is truly and utterly great! :clap: For me, it should have been the first place :nod:
I love the red-guitar-strings-turn-to-blood thing :XD:

DigiAvalon Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2006
woefulinfinity Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2006
Wholy shit, that is sweet. I love the detail, the CG's so good. Man, the whole guitar and blood idea. Amasing bones... just... omg, this is so amazing.

You damned well better win. :O
DigiAvalon Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2006
lol thanks :hug:
sh-kirihara Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006   Digital Artist
as much as i like the other designs... this would make the best cd cover. i hope you win
DigiAvalon Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006
thanks ^^
TheBlaster Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2006
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